Janie & Samantha pitch the TV Shows you never knew you wanted. From Instagram. Bidding wars welcome.

So reads the logline from Samantha McIntyre and Janie Haddad Tompkins newest project; the instantly awesome, amazingly inspired Instagram pitch/account: 2girlspitchtv.

Don’t be left out. There’re millions to be made. @samantharobot & @lebaneselooker

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Samantha McIntyre and Janie Haddad Tompkins, the two awesome women behind the concept, have their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks with this one: an Instagram account for their daily/weekly pitches about TV shows you never knew you wanted.

No surprise here that both Samantha and Janie are seasoned TV writers/actors/voice over artists with lots of experience. That’s why everyone at Frog HQ is excited.

When news of this project broke, the questions started. What will the first pitch be about? How frequent will we get these new and exciting TV ideas? Is this sanctioned by Hollywood? Is this a reboot of Magnum PI?

The internet answered. Here now is Samantha and Janie’s first TV pitch:

Pitch #1 (@samantharobot & @lebaneselooker) #2girlspitchTV

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Safe to say, the whole internet wants #ScientistMom to happen. All we have to do now is sit back and let Hollywood figure out how to get it on our television screens.

And we are pretty sure, you (and the whole Internet) don’t want to miss a thing. Follow the two resourceful ladies right HERE as they drop in more TV pitches for your pleasure. Based on their  announcement, we should be getting a new pitch any day now.

And to any and all TV executives out there following the Frog, we would like to be your focus group for Scientist Mom. Clearly it’s the next Breaking Bad. Only with scientists. And mothers.