Welcome to another amazing episode of JEDI ALLIANCE hosted by Ken Napzok! What a treat for the froggies not so far, far away as Ken, with special guest Jedi Jennifer Landa, Miri Jedeikin and Megan Finley, discuss their favorite MINOR characters from the Star Wars Universe!

Sure, Han Solo might be the fan-favorite nine times out of ten – especially since he just caused every grown man in the universe to cry like a baby when he popped up in the latest Star Wars Trailer – but not today. Nay. Today, the Jedi Alliance will delve deep into the myths and legends of those unsung heroes… The minor characters that inhabit, shape and sometimes save the galaxy in the Star Wars Universe!

Art by Elliott Quince Image Credit: Neatorama

Art by Elliott Quince
Image Credit: Neatorama

Are you a Wedge Antilles type of person? Perhaps Nien Nunb is your go to buddy you want to take a road trip with across America (read: The Outer Rim). Or perhaps you find yourself cackling uncontrollably when your boss makes a stupid joke, then maybe Salacious B. Crumb is more of your speed.  Whatever your preference of character, the team at Jedi Alliance breaks it down for the hard core, the religious AND the casual fan alike.

Enjoy the show! And be sure and hop around to check out some of the Frog’s favorite Star Wars related articles (there’s a lot…)

May the force be with you… Always.