The Frog would like to pose to you a question… and here it is. Internet? Would you be interested in turning off your phone, closing your laptop and, essentially, ignoring everything the internet has to offer for a couple of hours? We promise it will be worth your time…

Please don’t run screaming into the hills, froggies. We got this.

That’s right! It’s time to spotlight the overlooked in the form of Offline Movie Night! A celebration of the best internet videos YOU can experience in person, with other persons in real life!

Make sense? Good.

So what, pray tell, will you be enjoying at the theatre this Saturday night? Gather round’ the campfire, children…



Liam Kyle Sullivan forged a solid following from his years as ‘Kelly‘ and the viral hit Shoes; so Offline Movie Night is proud to debut one of his never before seen videos. If that doesn’t get you excited, you are without joy and need a nap.






04ef65462367f19242ea9b83f5cba37cRiley Rose Critchlow and Daniel Montgomery met at USC way back in 2005 and now collaborate and write/perform as Mary-Kate and Ashtray or Bowling for Tiffany (BFT). The sketchy comedy duo will be hitting the Acme hard with one of their original videos chosen just for you!





Matt Mider and Kevin BurrowsGentlemen Lobsters is exactly what it sounds like: Lobsters. Who are gentlemen. Who get in all sorts of wacky adventures. Who also dress impeccably.

Gentleman Lobsters will rock your eyeballs with a selected group of animated shorts from Matt’s web series.








Of course there is Franco and Billy, the comedy duo making their second straight appearance in as many showings of the Offline Movie Night. You should follow them on Twitter and then thank them personally for allowing their new short to premiere JUST FOR YOU. Seriously, you should be so lucky. People are starving in France you have it so good.




DinksA little helping of DINKS goes a long way. Dual Income, No Kids – or “Bridget and Ryan’s majestic journey through adulthood.”

Kincaid Walker and Matt Stauter will be Offline-ing it for you all, showing a select episode from their hilarious series, DINKS. And as outlined above, yes, dual income with no kids gives them plenty of time to screw around.






Imaginary Friends

The rest of the line-up includes Jason C. Brown’s Imaginary Friends. A short too good to spoil here. You will just have to take this image to your right at face value.






Kirk Zipfel drops in with a new and exciting music video that is *going to melt your brain and challenge your way of thinking.

*Probably not but you are going to laugh.







rhhO-uqyLeonora Pitts is bringing her latest labor of love in for your pleasure, debuting her new short film Step Nine – “a story about friendship and redemption and setting things right – starring two of the most extraordinary actors working today, Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Artemis Pebdani.”





And for those that want more out of their Offline Movie Night, preferably something with music, Danielle Woodrow will debut her new music video right on the screen, and right in front of your eyes.




And finally, a heaping portion of ‘The Bulbar Method’ from everyone’s favorite acting coach Billy Bulbar followed by a look at Dorian ‘Chestnut’ Abernathy, sociopath and close friend of Bulbar, in ‘Chestnut Casting.’


These indie shorts will beam to a happy and well adjusted ‘live’ audience, in a theater setting sure to go viral… In name only. Not like some virus spread after a wet sneeze.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased on the ACME website or at the door. And for those joining us live in person, be sure and hop next door at Amalfi restaurant and bar where we will celebrate with some post show elbow rubbing.

Be sure and join the Facebook invite and Follow the Frog for updates and reminders!

See you there, froggies!