Comedian. Podcaster. Filmmaker. Adam Carolla can do it all. At least, from this Frog’s point of view. The multifaceted, multi-hyphenated man is releasing his latest movie in which he wrote, directed and starred: ROAD HARD. And it’s coming to the Improv in Hollywood February 19th!

Need a trailer? Got a trailer:

Here’s some info from the Improv in Hollywood:

In 2015, Adam Carolla has once again written, produced, directed and is starring in his latest feature film ROAD HARD… The movie releases on Friday March 6th at theaters nationwide and all Video On Demand and Digital retail platforms as well.

Also of major importance, friend of the frog Pam Cook (yes THE Pam Cook from the deliciously funny Loctite Superbowl Spot) is also in the movie.

Pam plays the part of Jane; a very enthusiastic, very drunk fan that wins a chance to meet Adam Carolla’s character ‘Bruce.’ Pam shares the screen with some amazing comedians in the film such as David Alan Grier, David Koechner, Howie Mandel, Larry Miller and Jay Mohr!

As you know from Pam’s Episode VII Auditions and her part in the amazingly perfect SF Sketchfest Trailer, you are in for a brilliant performance.

We here at the Frog want to wish Mr. Carolla the best of luck with his new movie. So check out all the details on Road Hard by clicking HERE.

Enjoy froggies!




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