Sad days have come to I See the Frog. But where there’s sadness, there is also hope. And love. Hope and love mixed with sadness. Hope, love, sadness and a little bit of anger that the world is unfair. That’s what happens when you talk about Alex Monti Fox.

For those of you unfamiliar with Alex Monti Fox, please stop what you are doing and watch the following video:

Indeed, this is Dramatic Spam; the original incarnation from Drama 3/4 Productions and Alex Monti Fox that takes your favorite spam and makes it… well, dramatic.

The brilliant Alex Monti Fox in these videos (with more to come) offers up the perfect opportunity for us to highlight his body of work (some body parts, not all) and to also, say goodbye…

For Alex Monti Fox is leaving this fair town of Los Angeles and heading across the ocean, West, to the green (tropical) pastures of Hawaii. Which makes most if not all of us a little jealous.

To highlight just how BIG a deal this is… watch this video; yet another example of the talent we are losing:


You can almost feel the talent permeating through the computer screen. The longing in his eyes shows commitment. Commitment to the art of acting. And this committed talent is leaving Los Angeles. We cannot stress that maddening fact enough.

And so the only way for all of here at I See the Frog to go on with our lives is to celebrate, plug, mention in Tweets, and wish luck to the great Alex Monti Fox. For though he may be leaving, his legacy and his work will always remain up on our YouTube Page.

We would also like to mention that this has happened before. As seen below in the classic/epic #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) the ET sketch from the Drama 3/4 Productions A.S.S Show (Another Showcase Showdown) was made to celebrate Alex Monti Fox’s exit to Seattle.

So really, he’s done this before.

This isn’t goodbye. It’s just, goodbye for now. Because the Frog just got word that Alex will be back in August for another project.

So really, this is just a bunch of videos celebrating Alex Monti Fox. Who (apparently) will always be around no matter where he lays his head.

Good luck Alex Monti Fox… Wherever you may be….