Mad Max: Fury Road is opening tomorrow, and we are PUMPED. From the sheer quantity of action clips in ALL of the relentlessly-paced trailers, it would seem that the movie must be a non-stop, wall-to-wall speed orgy of high-octane road mayhem. Truly, the future belongs to the mad… and the extremely inventive, by the looks of the wide variety of fascinating auto mods. How do they build all that cool stuff with such extremely limited resources?? Guess if we want to endure life after the apocalypse, we should stake out a garage and start hoarding acetylene NOW.

In honor of the road warrior’s long-awaited return, the guys at Drama 3/4 Productions dug into their survival stores and found a coveted comedy ration: the “Beyond Pokerdome” sequence from their VH1 series, I Hate My 30’s. In this #TBT clip, a boys’ night of Mad Max movies and a few hands of cards turns into an all-out cosplay nerd fest, complete with mystery gimp. With this level of commitment, it’s no wonder they waited until Travis’ wife and son were out of the house. Bonus: beyond “Beyond Pokerdome,” there’s a sweet behind-the-scenes featurette about the making of this fun parody sequence. Flashback with us to the dusty, wind-swept glory of the third Mad Max film…

Now we challenge you to keep Tina Turner’s theme song out of your head for the rest of the day. You know the one we mean…

Somehow, we don’t think that tune made it into the credits of Fury Road.

Rest well tonight, froggies, ’cause tomorrow’s gonna be a long, brutal, adrenaline-fueled ride! See you all at the end of the world!