If you are seeing frogs lately, then you are also seeing Bulbars and Chestnuts everywhere.  The first two episodes of Drama 3/4’s latest web series “The Bulbar Method” are live on Takehollywood.com.  Check them out!

If you don’t know Billy Bulbar or if you have never heard of the Bulbar Method, you are clearly not part of the Hollywood Elite and should think about trying harder.  A good first step in doing so might be watching the below, a History of Billy Bulbar and his amazing career.  Prepare to be dazzled by his brilliance.  You are a better actor just reading this so just THINK how good you will be if you watch the below.

And then get your froggie @$$ to the ACME COMEDY THEATRE on La Brea this Friday and see the entire series and it’s companion series “Chestnut Casting.”  Two Screenings of both series.  8pm and 9:30pm.  Buy your discounted tickets online by clicking HERE.

See you there!

Enjoy, froggies!




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