We here at #ISeeTheFrog are big fans of all things Breaking Bad.  So when this Frozen mash up hit the webernet we knew it was something we wanted to feature. (fine work ANIMEME

When Breaking Bad was first starting out, Drama 3/4 productions had the pleasure of producing 6 minisodes for Season 2.  A couple of fun little tidbits.  Hank’s wedding was shot at Fickas‘ Grandmother’s house which was the second time that Bryan Cranston had crossed paths with the Fickas family.  He once went for a ride on the Fickas Family’s boat (a floating bar) around Balboa Island where Frogs were first seen.  And as a wedding cruise was cruising by the Poopsie (name of the boat), Mr. Cranston stood up yelling to try and stop the bride from going through with it ala Benjiman Braddock.

Also, if you pay close attention to the Twaughthammer Video (Shot by Vince Gilligan himself) you will notice a glorious Edward Van Halen/Ernie Ball Music Man guitar that belongs to Fickas.  The same guitar seen here at the Whisky playing…

It’s all connected. Can you see it???




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