Here at I See the Frog, we take great pride in finding and sharing the ‘overlooked’ gems from in and around the interwebz. In doing so we often times stumble across some amazing people having great success in their chosen profession(s).

Enter Brice Beckham who happens to be an amazing person AND someone showing great success on the interwebz lately…

He was verified.

Verified? As in Brice has been verified a person? Verified as in, he’s part of the company Drama 3/4 Productions? Verified as in, the name “Brice” is true, accurate and justified (according to the definition of verify)?

Yes. To all of that. He IS a person; he IS a member of Drama 3/4 Productions and his name IS Brice…

But most important of all… Brice is now totally and completely verified on Twitter.

To celebrate this monumental achievement, ace field reporter David Fickas caught up with Brice for some comments. Here now is the exclusive interview:

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