Today we’re starting a new feature: “People We Love.”

We are worried a bit, however, that this new feature might only have one post, as it is hard to top the love we feel for our first subject, Mr. Bruce Campbell.

We’re not sure if you are watching it, but we’re enjoying the @#$% out of Ash Vs. Evil Dead on Starz. It’s not just the average serialized half hour comedy (those are a dime a dozen, obviously). This serialized half hour comedy is based on the classic horror/action/splatter/comedy (also an over-saturated genre) Evil Dead trilogy (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness). And it carries on the story and spirit of that amazing body of work in an incredible way. Part of that has to do with Executive Producer Sam Raimi’s work but we’re prepared to give most of the credit to the star of the series, Bruce Campbell, mostly because several of us here at Frog Central have worked with and love Bruce. And, in case you’re wondering why we love him so much, we present the following evidence:

That was Bruce and AvED costar Lucy Lawless in an interview with Stephen Colbert. We can only assume that after the show Stephen, Bruce and Lucy ended up going out and drinking lots of prosecco cocktails before settling into a long game of Monopoly while listening to Neil Young. Because that’s what WE would suggest if we were in the same room with the three of them.

While you stew on that image, we’ll give you a little background on the genius that is Bruce Campbell.


Bruce Campbell's High School Graduation Photo

Bruce Campbell was born in Royal Oak, Michigan on June 22, 1958. He shares that birthday with both Cyndi Lauper and Meryl Streep, which explains a lot. He met lifelong collaborator Sam Raimi while the two were attending Wylie E. Groves High School together (and, no, we didn’t make that name up). The two made numerous Super 8 films together, including a 30 minute movie called Within The Woods that would eventually become the basis for the first Evil Dead film.

Bruce attended Western Michigan University (home of the mighty Broncos) where he studied acting.  After college, he pretty much continued working nonstop until today. Most people recognize him from the previously mentioned Evil Dead series, but Bruce has had a wide and varied career spanning multiple mediums. Bruce has collaborated with Raimi on many of his films, including all three of his entries into the Spiderman franchise. He’s also had amazingly successful television (The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., and Burn Notice among others) and voice-over (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Cars 2) careers. He’s also a pastor and highly decorated Civil War vet (one of those might need fact checking). He currently lives in Jacksonville, Oregon, with his wife, costume designer Ida Gearon.


To truly celebrate the glory that is Bruce Campbell, we’d like to first offer you an amazing AMA (Ask Me Anything) that he did for Reddit recently. Some truly hard-hitting questions in this one, like “What would you do if you actually had a chainsaw hand?” Y’know, things we’ve spent hours pondering for ourselves.  Check it out. Pure, uncensored gems directly from Bruce’s mind.

At the time of posting, this has only 19k views, which is bordering on criminal.  Please share it with your friends or friends of friends or random strangers you pass on the street.  Anyone.  Everyone needs to see this. It might just save their lives.  Or, y’know, give them a laugh.  That’s good, too.

Next, we offer up a little ditty by comedy/metal band, Psychostick. These guys out of Phoenix might be the only people more fond of Bruce Campbell than we are. And they prove it with their ode to Bruce entitled, strangely, “Bruce Campbell”. Give it a listen here:

And then check out the bands website here for a lot more great material.  They’re really, really funny for humans.

But not as funny as Bruce Campbell himself.  None of us are and we’ll just have to come to terms with that, Froggies. Keep doing what you do, Bruce, and we’ll keep watching.Watching stuff like this, the greatest Old Spice commercial.  And maybe the greatest commercial period.

Thanks for everything, Bruce! (And if any of you haven’t watched Ash Vs. Evil Dead, go and binge watch it now.  We won’t be speaking to you again until you do.)