Many people seem to ask, “how do I build a great home sex dungeon?” Well, friends of the frog Matt Corboy, Kirk Zipfel and Pam Cook have the solution that is right for you!

House Place is your one stop shop for all your home improvement needs, and they have the perfect ‘how to‘ guide to setting up your very own sex dungeon. Described thus:

Host Kirk Zipfel demonstrates how to fondle the nuts and bolts of home improvement. In this episode: Tips for building that perfect home sex dungeon.

Drama 3/4’s hilarious production shows Matt, Kirk and Pam guiding you through the process of a home dungeon set-up. In a snap, you can be ready to go if you follow their simple guidelines – including ways to make sure your gimp has proper ventilation and a water supply.

You can also see Kirk and Pam at I Made You a Mix Tape coming to San Francisco on January 23 as part of the 14th Annual SF Sketchfest!  The all-star comedy/music lineup also includes Ric BarberaRachael Lawrence, and many other friends of the Frog! Special guests Eli Braden and Fancy Ketchup’s Brian Jones, Chris RagerGretchen Zantzinger, Scott Rager and Josh Clark will also be making appearances!

Be sure and get your event tickets by checking the SCHEDJ so you don’t miss a thing! And for more awesome antics with Kirk and Matt, check out some more House Place vids below!  And for even MORE hilariousness like this, subscribe to the I SEE THE FROG YouTube channel!

Enjoy Froggies!




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