This week’s episode of The Bulbar Method, is a big one for the students. We get a glimpse into Brandall’s family life. Trudy is forced to come to terms with her skills (or lack there of). Fern is also there. And our faithful captain, Billy Bulbar, continues to inspire any actor who is committed to honing their craft and also can pay in full, up front.

Hollywood can be a big scary place, but Billy breaks it down into bitesized pieces. Becoming a star doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. It’s really as simple as getting a job at Uber, waiting until someone famous gets in, being open and available to their advances, and inevitably they WILL invite you back to their place and also cast you in a big movie, probably. This is how stars are made.


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While you’re busy scribbling down all of Billy’s brilliant tips for achieving success, be sure to stop and appreciate the performances of Pam Cook, Kate Maher, Leonora Pitts, Liam Sullivan, Mark Kelly, Rachael Lawrence Douglass and Courtney Pauroso as Bulbar’s devoted students. It takes a special kind of actor to portray another actor portraying an Uber driver who is also an actor in an imaginary car with a potentially imaginary passenger. Think about it. And stay tuned for more episodes! The Bulbar Method continues to deliver the most poignant, inspiring, highest quality storytelling based on an over-priced acting class in North Hollywood that we’ve ever seen. Go to Take Hollywood where you can watch the full episode, and be sure to check out their other original programming, like Chestnut Casting, which premieres in just three short weeks! Here’s a sneak peek!


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Never give up on your dreams, Froggies.

Also, never forget your tuition check. Never do that.




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