The latest hilarious chapter of The Bulbar Method drops today on Takehollywood, and it’s been a bad, bad girl! Episodes 4 & 5 are a kind of two-parter about Scene Work, with the second installment taking a paddle to 50 Shades of Grey. You’d have to be bound and gagged (consensually, of course) to keep from laughing at the hysterically awkward performances of Rachael Lawrence and Liam Sullivan. But don’t restrain yourself, go ahead, let it all out!

There’s definitely a madness to their Method… get a taste in the first three episodes below, then whip over (get it?) to to catch up on the rest of THE BULBAR METHOD. Look for new episodes every week! And have your safe word ready, because CHESTNUT CASTING is coming soon…

THE BULBAR METHOD Part I – The Actor’s Instrument

THE BULBAR METHOD Part II – Improvisation

THE BULBAR METHOD Part III – Selling Your Uniqueness

Spank you very much!



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