In this week’s episode of The Bulbar Method, trusted acting teacher Billy Bulbar highlights the importance of facing our fears. Confronting the things that scare us the most can be an important step toward becoming a stronger actor and a more centered human being. By coming to terms with what holds us back, we can begin to move forward.

And then there’s Fern.

Fern bravely lays it all on the line for us this week as she is forced to confront her deepest, darkest fears. Really, she represents all of us and the struggles we face in confronting our demons and/or bats and/or interacting with the public. Billy and the rest of his students gently guide Fern with wisdom and strength that touches us all, whether or not we’ve given verbal consent.

We at the Frog simply can’t get enough of the brilliantly hysterical Pam Cook in the role of Fern. Keep an eye on this one. It’s only a matter of time before she’s a household name, or at least the next Ghost Busteress! Check out more of Pam’s amazingness in this audition tape with David Fickas (we’ll just never get enough!):

Head on over to Takehollywood for the full episode of The Bulbar Method – Face Your Fear. And stay tuned for the SEASON 1 FINALE of The Bulbar Method next week, followed soon after by the much-anticipated premiere of Chestnut Casting! Join Dorian “Chestnut” Abernathy, sociopath and close friend of Bulbar, as he runs a casting office with two beleaguered associates and an incompetent assistant! It is sure to be a delightful time.

Don’t be afraid to face your fears, Froggies!