With the Halloween “Season” upon us, we’ve decided to embrace the spooktacular theme for this week’s Music Video Monday. (When did Halloween graduate from a day to a “season”? We can’t wait for Arbor Day Season to become a thing!) So, we’ve carefully chosen a crop of videos best designed to give you nightmares. Sure, we could have easily picked a Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper or Insane Clown Posse video but those are MEANT to keep you up at night.  Anyone can melt a face or dress a large man like a small clown and make us pee our pants.  You deserve better than that, Froggies, and we aim to deliver.  So all this week, we’ll be bringing you: The Five Most (Unintentionally) Terrifying Music Videos of All Time.

First up is THIS little gem:


We want to preface this one with the statement that this is a great song.  The music video?  Not so much.  Levar “Geordi La Forge” Burton stars as a cop that, for reasons unknown, has surrounded the building Cameo is lounging around in.  He orders them to come out with their hands up. The only thing that can possibly save them is…a black unitard and cherry red codpiece!!!! Commander La Forge is defeated at first by the unitard and codpiece, but that doesn’t deter our hero (or is he the villain? we’re not sure).  He tracks down Cameo to the club later that night only to find that the power of the codpiece is not diminished even when paired with a SECOND UNITARD! The codpiece seems to turn Geordi’s cop henchmen into dancing machines and the Reading Rainbow host is ultimately defeated.

Give it a look…

WHY IT’S TERRIFYING: One might want to forgive this video as a child of the 80’s but a unitard plus cherry red codpiece equals a terrifying sight in any era. And not just because it is Cameo wearing it. It doesn’t matter if you’re Brad Pitt circa Thelma & Louise, if you show up dressed like that people will run in terror.  Trust us, we’ve tried.

That’s the first.  Have a guess as to what will be number one? Have a suggestion of your own? (We can be swayed…) Let us know in the comments below or hit us up over on Twitter.