In the year 2000, Mike Horowitz (under the nom de porn, “Philip S. Wilson”) penned two ironic scripts for a late-night cable “Skinemax” lineup. The first was for the show Kama Sutra which, being completely oblivious to irony, actually approved, produced and aired the episode on television. The second (which Mike co-wrote with Mikki Gillette) was for a different program entitled Lady Chatterly’s Stories. Unfortunately for audiences everywhere, the producers began to realize they were being punked, and the script was deemed too ridiculous to make. These two masterpieces sat, untouched, for over a decade before Mike’s fiancee Megan Finley convinced him to give them the tribute they truly deserve. This was the birth of Carnal Desire: The Collected Works of Philip S. Wilson.

Carnal Desire has since been performed to sold-out crowds in Los Angeles and quickly caught the eye of a fine upstanding gentleman who happened to be booking shows for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland. For those of you unfamiliar with the Edinburgh Fringe, it’s the largest theatre festival in the world. No big whoop.

Flash forward a few months and we find that Carnal Desire is gearing up for 26 PERFORMANCES at the Pleasance theater, right in the heart of Edinburgh, opening August 3rd and closing August 29th. The cast will feature Brice Beckham, Laura Carswell, Riley Rose Critchlow, David Fickas, Asmeret Ghebremichael, Will Harris, Hillary Arlene Jones, Matt Stauter, Adrienne VisnicKincaid Walker and Kirk Zipfel, plus some additional guest stars who will rotate in throughout the run of the show.

Carnal Desire Cast

As part of their trek across the pond, the Carnal Desire team hopes to forge relationships with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that may pave the way for a return by the USC School of Dramatic Arts. Many members of the cast and production team are USC alumni and were inspired by their long history of bringing student production to the Fringe, started in 1966 by the late, great John Blankenchip. A percentage of the ticket sales from Carnal Desire will be going to help fund an Independent Student Production at USC in the 2016-17 school year.

Carnal Desire is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for the production and to offset the cost of travel and lodging. They’ve got some amusing perks to offer for more sizable donations, but any amount helps! So if you’re inclined to pitch in, head on over to You can see the full pitch in the video below.

Help them bring this side-splitting smut to Scotland, froggers!