Get your cameras out and your hashtags ready because we’re launching a Carnal Desire ONLINE SCAVENGER HUNT!

We’re rapidly nearing the end of our fundraising campaign and we NEED YOUR HELP to get the word out! In exchange, we’re offering some of our finest Indiegogo perks for FREE. That’s right! All you need to do is complete the following scavenger hunt challenges (and follow the rules outlined right there, it’s super easy, there are only 4 of them) and you can win yourself some of our most AWESOME CARNAL SWAG!


  • ALL social media posts MUST INCLUDE the hashtag – #hotsexensues – AND the link to our Indiegogo campaign – – or they will be disqualified.
  • ALL Scavenger Hunt posts you make must be PUBLIC.
  • ALL posts must be kept posted and public until EOD (11:59PM) August 1st.* This also applies to tasks including account follows, page likes, etc. Winners will be announced on August 2nd.
  • A list of completed tasks must be sent by email to with your NAME, your SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT HANDLES, and WHICH TASK NUMBERS you have accomplished so that we can score you accurately.


If you complete TASKS 1-5, you get…

  • A digital copy of our commemorative Carnal Desire script
  • Follows on Twitter by members of the cast and production team, AND…
  • A personalized postcard from Scotland!


If you complete TASKS 1-5 + 5 ADDITIONAL TASKS of your choice (10 total), you get all of the above PLUS…

  • A Carnal Desire T-shirt, and…
  • An autographed poster! (Delivery to US only, ETA September 2016.)


If you complete ALL 20 TASKS, you get…

  • The Nerd Becomes Stud Package – choose three of our Indiegogo perks from the $100 level and below. That includes dinner at Benihana, a hot tub party with the producers, Carnal Desire T-shirts, undies, personalized songs and more! (One choice per level – no doubling up.) Worth up to $275!!


***Remember, you must add #hotsexensues and the link to our Indiegogo – – to every post!***

Your mission should you choose to accept it…

  1. Share our Indiegogo campaign on Facebook and tag at least 5 friends. (Carnal Desire cast and production team members don’t count towards your 5 friends, but feel free to tag us anyway!)
  2. Like the Carnal Desire page on Facebook –
  3. Follow @hotsexensues on Twitter and retweet at least one @hotsexensues tweet.
  4. Share one of our official campaign videos (a personalized song, a clip from the Indiegogo pitch video, etc.), which can be found on the Carnal Desire Facebook page.
  5. Change your Facebook profile picture to the Carnal Desire poster image.

  6. Record a video of yourself dancing to the song “Smooth” by Santana ft. Rob Thomas and post it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  7. Share our Indiegogo campaign on all THREE — Facebook, Instagram AND Twitter — and tag 5 friends on each. (Carnal Desire cast & production team don’t count.)
  8. Record and post your own sexy voicemail. For reference, check out Brice’s here.
  9. Film yourself telling a stranger, “I trust you were discussing my sexual prowess,” and post to social media.
  10. Take a picture of a Scrabble board where the tiles spell out “Nerd Becomes Stud” and post to social media.
  11. Film yourself convincing someone that an inanimate object is actually an aphrodisiac. Post to social media.
  12. Invent and name a new Kama Sutra position. Detail your work in a drawing and post to social media.
  13. Get someone with at least 100K followers to tweet or retweet the Indiegogo campaign link and #hotsexensues. (Make sure you specify who in your email so we can credit you.)*
  14. Go to any Build-a-Bear and announce that they must “Shut down the remote bear operating room!” Film it all. Post to social media.
  15. Convince a stranger that you played Wesley on Mr. Belvedere. Film it and post to social media.
  16. Do any speech from Braveheart. Film it and post to social media.
  17. Post your own Facebook Live video in a Scottish accent. Sucky accents will not count against you.
  18. Rename one of your Pokémon “Philip S. Wilson” (or convince someone else to if you’re really morally opposed to downloading Pokémon Go) and post a screenshot.
  19. Wear a fake mustache in public. Post photos or video.
  20. Film yourself subtly slipping the phrase “Carnal Desire” into THREE different conversations. At least one of them must NOT be a reference to the show. Post to social media.

Indiegogo Campaign:
Carnal Desire on Facebook:
Carnal Desire on Twitter:

* If you manage to get someone with 100K followers to tweet about us, get a screenshot in case they take it down before August 1st.

Ready… set… TURN THE DIAL TO 11!