Welcome to the wonderful world of “all the things that could be yours” from the Carnal Desire Silent Auction. We have everything from drinks and fine jewelry, to voice lessons and undies, to Dodger tickets and babysitting (two great things that go great together, btw)!

Keep reading to get a head start by planning your bidding strategy…


game night in a can

What’s in the can? What’s in the can!?? Oh… just everything you need to have an awesome (and super-effortless) game night. Game Night In A Can is filled with 30 original games, and one dope spinner, that you can break out at dinner parties, birthdays, funerals, bat mitvahs… whatever and wherever, because it’s supes-portable!
Retail cost: $23.97


Twist your Spirits Old Fashioned cocktail kit

Twist Your Spirits Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Twist Your Spirits has donated four of their awesome cocktail kits. The kits provide everything you need to be super-impressive and craft the perfect cocktail — right down to the fancy, mixologist-approved garnishes!
Retail: $35-$50


carrie cramer animal necklaces

Get your paws on LA-stylist-to-the-stars Carrie Cramer‘s debut line of jewelry. Her Animal Instincts collection is inspired by her Schnauzer, Atticus, and her desire to brighten lives with sparkle. Whether you’re a cat or dog or unicorn person, you’re going to be the person with the most compliments on your awesome necklace. Head over to Carrie’s shop to start scheming up which beautiful beast you want to adopt this Thursday!
Sterling silver retails for $195, and gold-plated for $225


parthenon huxley box set Parthenon Huxley albums are packed with hooky, meaningful songs and a curio cabinet’s worth of cool guitar sounds. If you’re one of his many dedicated fans, this box set is perfect for you, or for your favorite music-lover.


Lindsay Weglarz has been a CPR and First Aid-certified nanny for over 10 years, watching kids of all ages — from babies to teenagers. (So brave.) She has been a nanny with The Help Company and Westside Nannies Agency — and yes, it is just as difficult to get nanny agents in LA as it is to get theatrical representation. References available upon request!
Worth: $100 @ $20/hr


The Ellen Bag, from Risë Rose

The Ellen Bag from Risë Rose

The Ellen Bag, from Risë Rose, is one part rocker, two parts complete badass! It’s made of vegan leather and the front is adorned with silver mini-skulls and one large skull in the center. But really, what makes this bag better than any other bag ever is the fact that the handles are brass-freaking-knuckles!? Ain’t no one is gonna mess with the owner of this clutch.
Retail: $49


The Cindy Babydoll and G-String set!

The Cindy Babydoll and G-String set

Biatta Intimates — provider of gorgeous lingerie — has a comfortable-yet-sexy baby doll nightie collection that is sure to please, well, everyone! Get your hands on (in? all-over?) one of these baby doll and G-string sets!
Retail: $39.50


Vivoderm anti-aging kit

silent auction Vivoderm anti-aging kit

Vivoderm has researched and experimented with the most potent natural healing plants from around the world, and handpicked the most effective combinations. The outcome is a natural and extraordinary skin care line with regenerative and healing constituents. All products are paraben free, cruelty free. Snag their Anti-Aging Kit, including Anti-Aging Mask, Facial Cleanser, Facial Toner, Intense Moisturizer, and Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream.
Total for package retails at $213.75!


You know you need to update your reel and now is your chance to get it done right! The dream team at Drama 3/4 — Brice and David — have become world-class experts in the field of acting reels. Past clients have included Burn Notice’s Jeffrey Donovan, Mad Men’s January Jones and Kiernan Shipka, Star Trek’s Karl Urban and a mile-long list of others that would impossible to catalog here.
Value at $400-$750


dodger tickets

It’s summer in LA — have you gone to a Dodger game yet? If not, now’s your chance to grab a set of four Dodger tickets to any of these upcoming Dodger games…
September 26, 2016: Dodgers vs Rays
August 8, 2016: Dodgers vs Phillies
August 9, 2016: Dodgers vs Phillies
Value per game: $240


Rachael Lawrence has been a vocal coach, musical director and songwriter in Los Angeles for the last 15 years. Some of her projects include vocal coaching many cast members on FOX’s Glee, the cast of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy: The Musical Event, Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect 1 and 2) and Rachel Platten (“Fight Song”). She has written and produced numerous songs with her company, PTP Music, which she co-founded. Let her teach you how to become (almost) as amazing as she is — or gift this to your friend/child/neighbor who loves to sing!
Valued at $200 per hour


A native of the Pacific Northwest, Jon’s forte is pushing clay to its limits, using various textures — surface cracking techniques and firing with crawl glazes — to exhibit a raw, natural aesthetic. An avid traveler, he pulls his artistic inspiration from the great outdoors. Several of Jon’s pieces can be found at The Juicy Leaf in Venice. He’s also really hot. So are his pots.

Of course, if you can’t make it to the auction, or the show, or maybe you’ve just always wanted to know what kind of song David and Brice would write about you… you can always donate directly to our campaign to send Carnal Desire to Edinburgh from the comfort of your own home. Keep your eyeses on the prizes, froggies!