Friend of the Frog Kincaid Walker (and one of the stars of the upcoming Takehollywood OriginalChestnut Casting) is guest-starring on an all new Castle this coming Monday, April 27th!  Check out this trailer for the upcoming episode:

This episode appears to be a sweet tribute to Wesley Snipes and his classic Passenger 57 flick.  Really hoping Nathan Fillion reminds everyone on this plane to “Always bet on black“.

It’s hard to believe that Castle is approaching the end of it’s 7th season.  The show has had a great run and we here at the Frog hope that it comes back for more!  This upcoming episode is proof that there are plenty of exciting adventures for Castle to go on.  Kincaid had a great time working on the show (as you can see from this still of her and Nathan).


We can’t wait to see how she is entangled in this week’s mystery.   We are also especially proud of ANOTHER Friend of the Frog, Terence Paul Winter, who has been a writer with the show from the beginning. Excellent work Terence! Stay tuned to Castle next week for his next episode.


Tune in Froggies!