After last week’s debut of Takehollywood’s brand new original series Chestnut Casting, you’ve surely been waiting with bated breath for the next installment. Well today’s the day, Froggies! The Chestnut saga continues with a whole new slew of awkward delights from the terrible world of casting in this week’s episode, “The Audition Process.”

(And if you missed the premiere episode last week, what are you doing?! Seriously, what are you doing. Head over to and catch up!)

In episode two, Dorian “Chestnut” Abernathy (Ric Barbera) is still nowhere to be found as casting associates Teena Young (Genna Ryan), Jerry Durnit (Jeff Wiens) and their clueless assistant, Butterfly (Kincaid Walker), struggle to find the perfect actress for the role of Jimelda the Witch. Their “talent” pool, consisting of Mallory Kay (Hillary Jones) and her stuffed monkey “Mr. Monkey,” Summer Winters (Savannah Southern-Smith), and Bulbar Method students Fern (Pam Cook) & Samantha (Rachael Lawrence Douglass), is overshadowed by the constant reminder that seasoned veteran, Jilly Jane Prescott (Christine Lakin), waits just outside the room. What will happen next!?

Here’s a sneak peek at sweet Fern’s audition for the role of Jimelda:

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Watch the full episode HERE!

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Happy watching, Froggies!