Here at the Frog, we heard your cries for help. With the Internet being so big and scary, how do you focus with so much noise out there? You wanted fun. You wanted funny. You wanted original! We listen. We ALWAYS listen. And we calmed your nerves with last week’s epic original Chestnut Casting.

Since you gobbled up Episode 4’s –  “Nailing It” –  it’s time for another helping. This week’s original from Takehollywood and Drama 34 finds Chestnut (Ric Barbera) mysteriously absent leaving Teena Young (Genna Ryan) and Jerry Durnit (Jeff Wiens) alone to deal with Jilly Jane Prescott’s (Christine Lakin) anger over having to “audition.” And Butterfly’s (Kincaid Walker) rigid sign in policy actually gains her a fan in director Dwayne Francisco (John Bobek) who pops by adding fuel to the casting fire. Perhaps Jilly Jane’s agent extraordinaire (Kristina Hayes) can calm the situation?

And just where is Chestnut Abernathy? You’ll have to find out by checking out Episode 5 of Chestnut Casting – “Who You Know”

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Enjoy the Chestnutty goodness, Froggies!