The internet gives us so many wonderful things. Videos of kittens; quizzes to find a soul-mate and the leaked emails of many a rich folk are just some of the most wonderful (and favorite) things currently available for us to consume. Thankfully, we have one more excellent ‘internet nugget’ to add to the list: Episode 6 (the finale) of Chestnut Casting. It’s all downhill from here.

Titled Big Breaks, the Takehollywood and Drama 3/4 original series goes out in style as we finally get to witness Butterfly (Kincaid Walker) fulfill a dream of sorts when she reads for director Dwayne Francisco (John Bobek). This is not the most pleasing outcome for Jilly Jane Prescott (Christine Lakin) whose offer only status is no longer in play.  At least her agent (Kristina Hayes) is there to smooth things over (not really). In the middle of it all is Teena Young (Genna Ryan) and Jerry Durnit (Jeff Wiens) who try and to work together while also representing the wishes of Chestnut Abernathy (Ric Barbera).

There is so much more to add but that would ruin the surprise(s). You need to catch it all.  The full episode can be found at Takehollywood so hop on over by clicking HERE! And if you want to catch up on every episode in the series, here’s another handy link for you to enjoy: CLICK HERE.

As we say goodbye to Chestnut, that doesn’t mean the party is over – if you bookmark you’ll be let into a world that celebrates the people in Hollywood both behind and in front of the camera; along with their exciting run of originals – for example, Takehollywood’s other original series, The Bulbar Method, a satirical look at the questionable acting techniques from Hollywood’s leading acting coach Billy Bulbar.

And then, stay for the exclusive interviews with today’s leading actors, writers and directors all under one amazing roof. Stop on in and look around. You can thank us later.

Until the next round of originals, enjoy some Chestnut Casting. Have fun Froggies!