Last week brought us the uproarious season finale of The Bulbar Method. While we’re sad to have no new episodes for a while, at least it means you can now “binjoy” (that’s “binge-watch” and “enjoy,” totally a word, shut up) the whole show at! So YAY, that’s stupid-awesome! What’s even more stupid-awesome is this other thing following this colon: Now that Billy Bulbar is taking his bows, the curtain can go up on a BRAND NEW SHOW in the expanded Bulbar Universe! Ladies and gentlemen, we present… the ONLINE PREMIERE of CHESTNUT CASTING!

We’ve been anticipating this sister series for quite a while, so it makes our whole week to announce it’s finally here! Chestnut Casting has a different narrative format than The Bulbar Method (…Wait, what? It’s got a story?!), but it’s equally funny, with the same kind of fantastic improvisational performances you love about Bulbar. The show follows the tribulations of casting associates Teena Young (Genna Ryan) and Jerry Durnit (Jeff Wiens) as they deal with egomaniacal actors (Christine Lakin), desperate reps (Kristina Hayes), an addled assistant (Kincaid Walker) and their shifty boss, Dorian “Chestnut” Abernathy (lovingly portrayed by Ric Barbera). And because it’s a spin-off of The Bulbar Method, you can expect to see some of your favorite faces making side-splitting cameos! Maximum Stupid-Awesome Overload to the Max!

Bulbar and Chestnut – to make it in The Biz, the only thing you need is both of them. Get a preview below and then head over to to watch the first installment of Chestnut Casting!

Break a leg, froggies!