Friend of the Frog, CCOKC spokesperson, Step by Step alum and all around amazing talent Christine Lakin is no stranger to the funny. Coming very, very soon you will be able to see Christine in Chestnut Casting; a Drama 3/4 and Take Hollywood original series.  Along with Chestnut, Christine can also be seen in Drama 3/4’s Buttf***er, dropping on the frog soon!

And now you can see her in SF Sketchfest Co-Founder Cole Stratton’s monthly improv show PRETTY, PRETTY PONY.

Showing exclusively at the Westside Comedy Theatre, the show is described here:

Why the long face? Pretty, Pretty Pony presents an Armando-style improv show so gorgeous you’ll want to groom its silky, sexy mane.  Say yea and not neigh to these long-form and fast-paced make-em-ups based on stories from a special guest monologist who most likely has been on television or movies or something. Joining them for the February 9th show is charming actress Christine Lakin (“Step By Step”).
Hop on over to the SCHEDJ for ticket info and then check out Christine on Drama 3/4’s viral hit CCOKC! You’ll be glad you did.
And be sure to bookmark I See the Frog so you won’t miss the upcoming premieres of Buttf***er and Chestnut Casting! See you soon, froggies!



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