Our love for Colbert is like your love for Colbert: it flies with the wings of a thousand doves and is everlasting and all-consuming in its glory. Naturally, we were more than delighted to see that dear Stephen had been spending his time-off in a productive manner when he released this video on June 3rd.


While reveling in the glory of Colbert’s tribute to his Colbeard, we at the Frog were faced with another absolutely undeniable fact. Based on the evidence exhibited above, we could conclude only one thing: Colbert has definitely been kicking back with some Drama 3/4 vids in his spare time. While Colbert certainly brought some innovation to the beard shaving video genre, we feel that it’s necessary to give a well-deserved nod to the pioneers of shaving/not shaving on camera. If you’re a fan of The Bulbar Method (as you should be) you’ll recognize David Fickas rocking the unshaven, Billy Bulbar look, as he enlists the help of Friend of the Frog Michael Cornacchia in this four-part series that answers the question: to beard or not to beard?


BEARD I: The Beard


BEARD II: The Reckoning


BEARD III: Resurrection


BEARD IV: Musical Explosion


Whether it’s a Colbeard or a Bulbeard, we would like to take this #TBT to salute beards, mustaches, mutton-chops, sideburns, five-o’clock-shadows, goatees, chin curtains, Fu Manchus, side whiskers and soul-patches alike. Whiskers on or whiskers off, it’s not about what you’ve lost to the razor, but rather what you’ve grown and how often you wash it. Men of the world – and also some women of the world – we raise a glass to you and the hair that grows from your upper neck/lower face area!

Your face is your canvas, Froggies!

(Except we take back what we said about soul-patches, those things are the worst.)