My whole life has led to this moment. I’m in heaven.

~Simon Pegg from the set of Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

Here at I See the Frog, we couldn’t let a little thing like Comic Con go unnoticed. For not only is it the BIGGEST and most GEEKIEST of all conventions in the world, it also has the BIGGEST and most GEEKIEST collection of our friends… EVER!

It’s true. With so many friends of the Frog descending on San Diego, judging from all the footage coming out this past weekend… It’s obvious to us, our friends are running Comic Con. No seriously.

Let’s connect the dots, shall we?

Indeed. For all you visitors to the Frog, that is, in fact, Mark Ellis in the above Tweet, asking JJ Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy and the whole panel of Star Wars a question about the (above) behind the scenes video. 

And so it got us thinking… if we start with Mr. Ellis, a dot as it were, we can point you to this article that shines a light on the amazing one-two punch of Ellis and Ken Napzok, doing stand up at the Comedy Store, San Diego, the night before Comic Con began.

One dot, two (with Mr. Napzok) can lead you comedy fans to some other connected dots as well. And in keeping with our Star Wars Theme, these two gents along with so many other friends tried to get their audition tapes to JJ and Co. Sadly, these Star Wars Episode VII Auditions didn’t land anyone a job on the new movie. But that didn’t stop the con from turning as another huge video debuted:

With the earth shattering release of the long anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, Comic Con grew to gargantuan size. Because as you can see above, it’s rock solid and offers up some damn fine geekiness. The internet literally exploded. And then was put back together by some other friends of ours.

Case in point, because ole’ Batsy and Supes are a DC Comics property, it makes us think of DC All Access Host, Tiffany Smith; who is no stranger to I See the Frog. She’s a fellow Watcher on the Wall alongside Ken Napzok (see, connecting dots), Michele Boyd and Maude Garrett with the I See the Frog sponsored podcast The Night is Dark.

And speaking of Maude, little known fact, she is closely connected to one Alicia Malone, another friend, who pairs up with Tiffany to celebrate the awesome panel and footage of another geeky superhero property coming to the big screen: Deadpool! That’s right, Tiffany and Alicia sat down with the stars of Deadpool this past weekend to learn more about the project.

So here we go… connecting dots left and right. From Tiffany to Alica and now, to another friend taking over Comic Con: Miss Alison Haislip. A Team Unicorn member who has been on the Frog many times before. Alison and Tiffany braved the traffic to make it to the con… and they did it for YOU!

COMIC CON! @tiffanystweets and I have ARRIVED! #travelswithTandA #roadtrip #SDCC2015 A photo posted by Alison Haislip (@alisonhaislip) on

Okay, maybe they did it because they had to work, but you get the idea. If you call robots battling each other on network television work.

Seems Alison’s day job is better than most day jobs out there…

And so, as we wind down to our last bit of connected dots, we’re sure you might have noticed another connection:


A long time in the making. Haislip, Hardwick, Hall H. #conman #SDCC2015


A photo posted by Alison Haislip (@alisonhaislip) on

That’s right, Haislip and Chris Hardwick were part of the Conman panel at Comic Con; a Indie Go Go funded web series created by Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. You can see the panel below.

Hardwick of course is friends with the Frog founders of Drama 3/4 Productions. D3/4 member David Fickas’ band Komic Strip performed at the Whiskey A-Go-Go which Mr. Hardwick introduced to a live audience in an epic #TBT on this very site!

That’s our connected Comic Con bunch of fabulous friends (say that three times fast). We hope you enjoy all the amazing panels, trailers and behind the scenes videos. Because with so many of our friends out there in La La Land descending on Comic Con, it’s nice to see it all in good hands.

Hop around and explore, froggies. We hope you enjoy.