We here at the Frog love Courtney Pauroso.  Almost as much as we hate losing an hour of sleep.

Check out this spoof trailer starring Courtney and the rest of the Nacho Punch Comedy Team as they battle time loss.

And if you want to see more Courtney, you can come out to the ACME COMEDY THEATRE this Friday for a screening of “THE BULBAR METHOD” which features Courtney as Kendra, the latest pupil/victim of master thespian Billy Bulbar.  Click HERE for tickets.  And for a taste of what is to come, check out takehollywood.com for upcoming episodes of THE BULBAR METHOD.

Also, please check out Courtney’s incredibly funny co-stars from the above movie, Mike McNeal, Nathan Barnatt, Whitmer Thomas, Peter Gilroy, and Patrick Pope.

And since we are talking Courtney, it’s hard not to point out this amazing Key and Peele piece she was in!

Enjoy, froggies!




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