Today, in theaters across America, a time traveling hot tub will try to put a dent in a multiple shades of grey.  It may be impossible for Hot Tub Time Machine to be funnier than 50 Shades of Grey but at least it’s original goal was comedy.

One of Hot Tub Time Machine’s stars is none other than Friend of the Frog, Craig Robinson.  Drama 3/4 had the pleasure of working with Craig on the web series Mr. Robinson’s Driving School.  During this production, Craig struck up a romantic relationship with David Fickas’ coffee table.  It was a brief relationship that ended in harsh words and splinters and Craig’s heart was broken when the coffee table moved on and found someone else to lay drinks on her.  And now, with all this Hot Tub talk going on we here at the Frog felt it was our duty to share the greatest short film in the history of short films (not an overstatement).

This gem was shot during season 1 of Eastbound and Down and we just can’t get enough of it.  Enjoy Will Farrell and Craig Robinson’s epic musical duel entitled Bat Fight.  And go see Craig this weekend on the big screen!

Oh, and make sure you click HERE for a Frog-light on another Hot Tub cast member!




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