We know how it is, San Francisco. You’re sitting up there, with your quiet integrity and cosmopolitan authenticity, patiently being a jewel in the crown of iconic American cities and trying to enjoy your meager options for live entertainment. Meanwhile, down the bluffs a ways, the vapid, sprawling Los Angeles Basin goes and sucks up all the most talented actors and comedians for itself! Theater? LA has more than it knows what to do with, literally. Comedy clubs? Throw a stick down here, you’ll hit one. Improv studios? Dear God, they’re more common than marijuana dispensaries, and those are more common than Trader Joes!! Angelenos are automatically enrolled in Groundlings classes when they register to vote! But are there ever any chuckles leftover for poor, fashionable, laugh-deprived San Francisco? Hardly! What does a major metropolitan area have to do to get some comedy love?

Well, open up your Golden Gates, because LA is giving back this week when Cue To Cue, the perpetually-almost-ready sketch show, returns to SF Sketchfest for two performances!

Presented by Brice Beckham and David Fickas of Drama 3/4 Productions, Cue To Cue is based on the idea that whatever can go wrong does. Hence, some scenes might not have an ending, and at least one cast member will definitely be absent, but still the show must go on. For its second run at Sketchfest after a successful entry in 2014, this edition of Cue To Cue features Pam Cook and Liam Kyle Sullivan, and D34 intern Lindsay Weglarz will try to get in on the action as well. So if you’re in the Bay Area, stop resenting Hollywood for a minute and come see what you’ve been missing: unpolished, unprofessional chaos and confusion! Shows are at the PianoFight Showcase, Thursday, January 14th at 7PM and again on Saturday, January 16th at 9PMPianoFight Second Stage, 144 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. Tickets are $15, and we highly recommend you grab ’em in advance, or we can’t guarantee you’ll get in at the door. Don’t miss it, Frisco Frogs, ’cause there’s no telling when La La Land will share the wealth again!