Friends of the frog David Fickas and Mark Reilly are no stranger to the ways of the force. Back in October, the pair joined Maude Garrett and Ken Napzok to talk the greatest saga ever told… Star Wars!

Fickas and Reilly were responsible for Drama 3/4‘s  EPISODE VII SCREEN TESTS, which featured a ton of players from Schmoes Know AND other friends of the frog Alison Haislip, James Lesure and Zoe Bell! You can revisit by clicking here.

With Reilly’s stint in Patrick T Gorman‘s The Star Wars Trilogy in Thirty Minutes and Fickas directing the hilarious viral short The Anakin Auditions, the two are right at home playing Star Pause (a Star Wars trivia game) and discussing Episode VII news, the Rebels TV series and whether or not Maude looks good as Han Solo.

So enjoy the latest Jedi Alliance and make sure you follow, rate and subscribe to the show so you don’t miss another Star Wars inspired celebration from Ken and Maude!

Enjoy. froggies!




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