Fellow Frogs David Fickas of DRAMA 3/4 PRODUCTIONS and Mark Reilly of SCHMOES KNOW and MEET THE MOVIE PRESS strap on their lightsabers, study up on the Jedi Way and don their most epic Star Wars shirts to discuss the greatest saga ever told… Star Wars!

After auditioning for Star Wars Episode VII and witnessing the epic teaser trailer for the new chapter, David and Mark get down and dirty talking the future of the franchise and their favorite moments from the Saga. Here’s a small description courtesy of the POPCORN TALK NETWORK:

“With the release of The Force Awakens just a quick year away. (We hope it goes quick!) and the new canon shaping up as more Star Wars shows, books, comics, and movies out and forthcoming, Maude and Ken are joined by Mark Reilly (Meet the Movie Press) and writer/ director David Fickas (Drama 3/4 Productions, I Hate My 30’s) to discuss the future of the Star Wars franchise. Also, it’s Lobot versus Bib Fortuna in Duel of the Fates and Maude is back from London to bring the news.”

Enjoy and May the Force be with you… Always.






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