Drama 3/4 Productions and Maker.TV just dropped their newest episode of CrashPad! This episode with special guest DeStorm Power is packed with so many fails it’s ridiculous!

DeStorm comes in to the quad this week bringing with him over 246K Twitter followers and a You Tube Channel boasting close to 1,700,000 subscribers! Well done sir.

The episode is described by Maker TV as such:

In this episode of CrashPad, Bart Baker learns that DeStorm can do a lot more than Vines in 6 seconds!

You’ll just have to watch the vid to find out what DeStorm can do (other than Vine) in six seconds!

So join up with Bart Baker, Amy Pham and Lee Rubenstein and enjoy DeStorm on this all new Crash Pad!

And make sure you hop on over to Maker.TV to catch all the full episodes of Crash Pad! Enjoy, froggies!




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