As well as looking for the overlooked, we at the Frog champion the underrepresented which is why we love seeing women in the film industry writing, directing and producing their own work! Julia Max does all three in her upcoming short, Distortion.

Julia is an LA native who grew up on film sets. Her last short film The Colonies, which she wrote, directed and starred in, was well received at film festivals and earned her a Best Actress nomination at the California Women’s Film Festival. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Theatre, and studied at Northwestern University’s Cherubs programs.


“Distortion” writer-director-producer Julia Max, on set with the “Bottle Rocket Gang” Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson and Robert Musgrave in 1996.

Distortion is an exploration of the distorted perceptions people have of themselves and others, and follows one girl’s journey to see herself clearly. Julia has been remarkably candid in her approach to the film and how it stems from her own past experiences with sexual assault.

Distortion Julia Max

When I was 16 I fell in love with my best friend. He was smart and funny and I was so blinded by my feelings that I had difficulty seeing him clearly. It wasn’t until the night he attacked me that the veil lifted and I was able to see his flaws. Scared and confused, I reached out to my other friends and told them what happened. No one believed me. It was far easier for them to blame me than to accept that their other friend was a rapist. So I shut my mouth and never spoke of it again. Years later, when I was raped in college I remembered that lesson and said nothing.

For years I carried these attacks alone, as my dark dirty secret. I thought I was worthless and that rape was an inevitable experience that was just part of being a woman. Thankfully I no longer feel that way. It wasn’t until I started to open up and talk about my attacks that I was able to process what happened to me and realize that it was not my fault. Distortion is the conversation I wish I could have with my younger self.

Julia Max hopes to bring her story to young women around the country to help lift the stigma around sexual assault and aid in the difficult journey we all face to see ourselves clearly.

Distortion stars Friend of the Frog Riley Rose Critchlow, Monique Coleman, Kosha Patel and Trevor Peterson, and is being produced by Julia MaxRay Zimmerman, and Bronwyn Cornelius. They are currently raising funds through Seed & Spark.

Check out Distortion’s Seed & Spark campaign and donate if you can!

**The production company Distortion, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 which means all donations made to this project are tax deductible.**

Distortion provides a unique opportunity for our crew to blend SFX makeup, VFX and practical tricks together seamlessly to create a beautifully distorted world. Curved mirrors, squishy lenses, subtle costume shifts and time lapse footage are just a few of the practical tricks we’ll be using to depict Erica’s perception of the world around her.”

Distortion Behind the Scenes with Julia Max, Riley Rose Critchlow 3

Julia Max looks on as make-up artist Amy Wiener works on Riley Rose Critchlow’s ‘beautifully distorted’ transformation.

Distortion Behind the Scenes with Riley Rose Critchlow

Riley Rose Critchlow, who plays Erica in ‘Distortion,’ in the makeup chair mid-transformation.

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