Frog HQ, and the work performed therein, came to a surprising and screeching halt today when a colleague ran across the most perfect and well executed video on the Internet (thus far at least). What came to light for said colleague about the video in question was how “overlooked” it was to the general populace. For the content shared on this video is a satisfying work of humor and is, surprisingly, unseen by the “viral” culture.

For the laymen, this video needs to be seen by the entire world. Why? Because a dog auditions for Saturday Night Live. Yes, it really is that simple. What else do you need in your day?

Prepare yourselves. You will smile. You will (possibly) roll on the floor and laugh. You will, at the very least, laugh out loud.

Here is Arthur’s SNL Audition by Mitch Silpa.

Feel free to collect yourself. We’ll wait.

The folks here at I See the Frog pride ourselves on finding (and sharing) the overlooked. This video presents the perfect opportunity for our readers to do just that. By tweeting, liking and sharing this post, you will bring joy to a lot of people out there in need of a smile. Also, you will help Arthur the dog get one step closer to being seen and heard by the team behind Saturday Night Live. Arthur definitely has he chops to join the cast. Also, dog auditions for SNL is the greatest ‘overlooked’ internet goodie, perhaps, of all time.

You have the power in your hands. Share away. It’s for a good cause.

Also, here’s another video by ‘friend of the frog’ Liam Sullivan (who you may know from his huge viral sensation, Kelly’s SHOES) that is the perfect apéritif to end your internet experience today.

Enjoy the laughter, froggies.