Tens of thousands of years ago, dogs began to evolve from their noble ancestors, the gray wolf and now extinct Taymyr wolf. While some of our four-legged friends still share similarities with their wild lineage, others seem to have forgotten their more noble roots.

For instance. There’s Fritz. A svelte, majestic canine specimen.

And yet…

Then there’s Curtis who’s prettttty sure he’s got it all figured out:

Frankly, this guy is just embarrassing all of us:

This “Great” Dane who was carefully bred to hunt boar and protect his owners:

The noble creature who allowed this to happen:

Sam. What are you doing:

Have you forgotten you’re a sharp-toothed beast who’s fit for tearing flesh from bone??

Oh, how you’ve turned on each other in the face of fear!:

And every single one of these dogs, who allowed a cat to do this to them:

We see you, dogs. And though we know you once were wolves, you – clearly – do not. So, in the interest of allowing each of you to have your day, we will keep this knowledge to ourselves.

Carry on.