The Frog is proud of the fine folks over at DRAMA 3/4 and MAKER TV as they embark on a hilarious new series called CRASH PAD – an epic, comedic look at all the viral “FAIL” vids out there with commentary, special guests, games and all sorts of other assorted awesome.

Based on all the vids shown in the premiere episode, Frogs aren’t safe in this world. At all.

Thanks to fine folks over at TUBEFILTER for the story:

Maker Studios is bringing some comedy to the online video masses this holiday season by way of a shiny new original series. CrashPad, hosted by YouTube’s parody king Bart Baker, will debut its premiere episode on December 5, 2014.

Check out the four minute promo:

Tubefilter continues the story with more words:

CrashPad boasts an unusual format, concocted from the idea that the series should be accessible via different mediums. The 12-episode program will be part talk show, part game show, and part video clip show, with commentary on the most talked-about videos online that Maker will source from Jukin Media’s large collection of viral clips (which makes sense considering the two companies inked a deal in April and Maker is an investor in Jukin).

CrashPad will be co-produced by Maker and Drama 3/4, and feature guest appearances from digital stars (and some of Baker’s fellow Maker talent) such as Iman “AlphaCat” CrossonEd BassmasterAmy PhamSam MacaroniTimothy DeLaGhetto, Shane DawsonLisa SchwartzDeStormKing Bach, and Jesse Wellens of Prank vs. Prank.

With Episode 2 coming in hot (see the Schedj HERE) this is sure to be a great new series that will delight Frogs and audiences alike. Head on over to MAKER TV to catch the full episodes and series.

Frog it up.






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