What a weekend it was for flashing back to the 70’s and paying tribute to some iconic legends!  I am sure you think I am referring to the 40th anniversary of SNL that blew up the twittersphere and reminded us all of the comedy/music revolution that Lorne Michaels began in 1975…

But that is not what this Frog is talking about.

You see, around the same time that Chevy Chase was mastering pratfalls in NY, a musical genius was blowing rock n’ roll minds one back yard party at a time in Pasadena, California.  That genius was none other than Mr. Edward Van Halen, arguably the most influential guitarist in rock n’ roll history.  (At least that is this Frog’s opinion).

On February 12, Eddie Van Halen was honored at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of History as part of the “What It Means To Be American” series.  You can see the entire interview above (with musical highlights) as he speaks in depth about his family’s immigration to California as well as his mindset to when he single handedly (actually double-handedly) took the electric guitar to places it had never been.  Part mad scientist, part musical genius, part social hermit but all things adding up to a rock n’ roll legacy that has stretched over the last four decades.  All this AND the news that Van Halen will be releasing a live album in March.  AND…  Eddie openly expressed his desire to do a new studio album even though he has no idea where Diamond Dave is these days. (Eddie! He was recently at the forum with the Foo Fighters! Where were you???)

Rock on, froggies!




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