UPDATE: Don’t miss tomorrow night’s show, because it might be your last chance to experience the magic… Fairy Tale Theatre 18+ is going INTERNATIONAL, to the EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL! We caught the show at ACME last week, and we can tell you this performance is as delightful as advertised, with uproarious tales including favorites like “The Centipede Who Tried To Make It In One Trip” and new hotness like “The Old Penis And The Young Penis!” Catch it while you can!

Remember what it was like to snuggle up under your covers, stare up lovingly at your parent of choice and listen to an enchanting tale of ethical struggle and ultimate moral guidance before drifting off to sleep? Wouldn’t it be nice if such a thing existed for those of us over the age of footie pajamas? Enter Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 & Over, a grown-up version of fairy tales and fables, that cover everything from sex and relationships to bipolar friends and Smartphone addiction!

(Editor’s note: it’s okay if you’re still not over footie pajamas. They’re great.)

Fairy Tale Theatre is directed by Annie McVey, written by J. Michael Feldman, and stars Feldman, Jess McKay (Jim Henson’s Puppet Up), Tina Huang (Rizzoli & Isles, CSI) and Matt Cook (True Blood, 2 Broke Girls, The Comeback). They’ve been performing versions of the show for years at venues all over LA and are bringing this particular iteration of Fairy Tale Theatre to life with special guests Mindy Sterling (Black-ish, Austin Powers), Jimmy Fowlie (Go-Go Boy Interrupted), Corey Podell (Transparent, The Comeback) and Greg Worswick (Drunk HistoryThe Comeback). Even if you’ve seen the show before, they’ve got brand new tales to share and it’s sure to be a delightfully wholesome 18+ time!

Feldman's expression lets you know you may not live happily ever after.

Feldman’s expression lets you know you may not live happily ever after.

Get your tickets for $20 online, or purchase the $22 option which includes a sweet 25% dinner discount at neighboring Amalfi Ristorante, valid before or after the show! You have to buy your tickets in advance to take advantage of the discount, though (tickets at the door are $25). All tickets also get you $1 off drinks from the bar all night long, with no minimum (or maximum, as far as we can tell?). Fairy Tale Theatre goes up at the ACME Comedy Theatre, 135 N. La Brea, and has two upcoming performances: 8pm on Thursday April 9th & April 16th. Get your tickets here!




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