The word this week buzzing around the interwebs is “Newfronts“.  In case you’re a normal person, and not an advertising/digital media exec, here’s a breakdown of what that all entails:

The Newfronts are the equivalent of traditional media’s Upfronts, but for digital media providers like Buzzfeed, Hulu and Yahoo.  On both “fronts,” content creators present their schedule for the coming year to a gathering of advertisers.  Celebrities and major brands alike are brought on stage with much fanfare and ado as the advertisers get a taste of what exactly their marketing dollars will be supporting.  Content creators do their best to attract advertisers to their programming, and advertisers do their best to play it cool in the presence of A-list celebrities.

This morning Maker Studios presented their Newfront and announced an amazing slate of upcoming shows.  And wouldn’t you know, Drama 3/4 were a part of all the hoopla!

In case you missed it, Drama 3/4 recently created a show for Maker Studios called CRASHPAD.  Here’s a little reminder starring another Friend of the Frog, Tiffany Smith:

Maker was SO happy with CrashPad, they’ve decided to spin out another version, this time focusing on the world of high fashion.  Yep, Maker Studios and Drama 3/4 will be bringing you FASHPAD!  FashPad adds a touch of PANACHE to the Quad (and all the wackiness that happens therein) with the addition of host and fashion icon P’Trique (seen below arriving on stage at the Maker Newfront).

Fashpad starring P'Trique

P’Trique joins Maker execs for their Fashpad announcement.

Before Fashpad, Drama 3/4 brought P’Trique together with Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth (and a few other familiar faces) to “do it”.  Check out this clip where P’Trique helps Kristin lose her (primer) virginity:

Stay tuned for more exciting Fashpad news in the days to come and hide those Brady Bunch trousers, lest you too draw the all-seeing eye of Fashpad!