We’ve got something brand new for you on today’s Music Video Monday, Froggies.  Hot off the presses, we’re very proud to present to you The French Warlocks and their latest single, “The Captain of Butterfly Hollow”.


I’m sure they need no introduction, but we’ll throw a little one out there anyway.  The French Warlocks are Lage Sorenson and Trygve Nygaard, from Ii, Finland. If you’ve never been to a French Warlock show, you really have no right to call yourself a music fan.  The tri-annual French Warlock conventions, held in Helsinki and Soweto, are really not to be missed, either.  Attendees are required to dress as their favorite French Warlock that isn’t Lage and kids are always free (meaning you are welcome to take any of Trygve’s children without paying).

So, you’ve probably already skipped past this and clicked on it, but if you haven’t already, we present to you The French Warlocks with “The Captain of Butterfly Hollow”:

Chances are, you have downloaded it already, but if you don’t, the single is also available on iTunes by clicking HERE.  And also check out their Facebook page for all the latest news and touring information.


The French Warlocks are really Franco & Billy, who are really Jeff Wiens and Peter Blomquist.  Jeff and Peter met while attending college together at USC and have been working together ever since.  They have offered some of the best @#$%ing content on the internet over those years and they were the New York staple of Drama 3/4’s live sketch variety show A.S.S. (Another Showcase Showdown) back in the 2000’s.  As proof of their brilliance, let’s go back to their beginning with one of their first offerings, Whalebone, which was created as part of the 24 hour film festival in New York.

Their short “One For the Books” was featured in Drama 3/4’s OFFLINE MOVIE NIGHT a few years back and we look forward to The French Warlocks being part of the upcoming program on August 29th (More Details soon!)  Also, stay tuned for an exclusive interview with The French Warlocks coming soon to the Frog.  And make sure to follow them over on Twitter for all the new French Warlock material and more.

We hope, prey, beg and throw tantrums daily with pure dreams about Franco & Billy reuniting on stage somewhere soon!