Our newest segment on I See The Frog is the Frog Friday Five where we highlight our five favorite things on the internet each week. The last installment of the FFF featured Adele pranking Jamba Juice employees with Ellen Degeneres, Canada announcing its “Canadacy”, and our very own Scott Fickas killing it on Let’s Make a Deal. This week has proven to be just as delightful with gems from John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel and the brilliant folks over at Bad Lip Reading.

Without further ado… The Frog Friday Five.

#5 – Morgan Freeman Narrates Pedestrians

Morgan Freeman’s voice. It is the answer to questions like, “What’s the most majestic sound in the world?,” “How would you like your family members to hear your last will and testament?” and “If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing with you, what would it be?” If you are one of the millions of drivers who use the navigation app Waze, you can currently have Morgan’s sweet, soothing voice giving you turn-by-turn directions and letting you know that – even though it’s asking you to make a left turn onto Sunset Blvd. during rush hour from a stop sign – everything is just right with the world.

We were simply tickled by this segment on Jimmy Kimmel, because nothing is more satisfying than hearing Mr. Freeman narrate the mundane comings and goings of “Perfect Selfie Paul.”

#4 – Foo Fighters – Official Band Announcement

As rumors circulated about the Foo Fighters breaking up, the band took to YouTube to address these claims once and for all, like only the Foo Fighters can (featuring Friend of the Frog, Nick Lachey!)

#3 – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Drumpf

John Oliver can’t even believe he’s talking about Donald Trump, but if he’s gonna go there, he’s GONNA GO THERE. We’ve cued up this clip to get to the heart of the #MakeDonaldDrumfAgain movement, but it’s totally worth watching the whole episode.

#2 – GHOSTBUSTERS – Official Trailer

The much anticipated Ghostbusters remake, from legendary director Paul Feig, finally dropped it’s official trailer and we couldn’t be more stoked. Hollywood’s queens of comedy fighting paranormal bad guys in a sweet, sticky pool of throwback nostalgia? Yeah. We turn up for that. Our only beef is that we have to wait four more months until it premieres on July 15th, 2016.

#1 – “TED CRUZ” – A Bad Lip Reading

And boy, the kids over at Bad Lip Reading never disappoint. Ted Cruz, a truly disturbing human being, makes  a PERFECT candidate for the latest BLR parody.

Until next Friday, Froggies!