In our newest segment, we at The Frog bring you FROG FRIDAY FIVE: The Best Five Things on The Internet This Week! I mean, you know what’s up. It’s Friday. Here are five things. You read the title, what more do you want?

#5: OK GO – Upside Down & Inside Out: Behind the Scenes

After dropping a seriously awesome new music video, OK GO gave us what we were all asking for and showed us how they made the magic happen. If you haven’t seen Upside Down & Inside Out yet, do that first. Then watch and learn how it all came together!

#4 Star Wars: Episode VIII Production Announcement

Speaks for itself. All the feels. Every feel. Plus it features friend of the Frog and director of Looper, Brick and the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIIRian Johnson!

#3 Ellen in Adele’s Ear

Turns out Ellen Degeneres and vocal powerhouse Adele make a mischievous match made in heaven. Adele was a guest on the Ellen Show this week where she chatted about her Grammy mishap, sang some songs  and pranked an unsuspecting Jamba Juice. Employees were subjected to a discombobulated Adele spouting out whatever Ellen told her to say through a hidden earpiece. It’s magical and well worth watching the full six minutes. CLICK HERE to see Adele say the word “SwishyChug” multiple times and then ask her assistant to brush her hair.

Friday Five Adele

#2 Canada For President

And then Canada stepped in and summed it all up, flawlessly.

#1 Scott Fickas on Let’s Make A Deal

That’s right, our very own Friend of the Frog, Scott Fickas (regularly featured in I Made You A Mixtape) was plucked from the crowd on Let’s Make A Deal! What happened when he was asked to name two lead singers of the band Genesis? Was Scott prepared?? Did he crack under the pressure??? Watch and find out!

Thank you, Canada. You have our vote.

Tune in next week for the Friday Five!