It happened!  I See The Frog launched Episode 1 of the FrogCast with host David Fickas.  His first guests were Ric Barbera and Scott Pitts from the USC Outsider as well as the remarkably talented Pam Cook.  Also, Liam “Oh My God, Shoes!” Sullivan called in to chat with the gang. Check it out above or download it from iTunes here.
The conversation was compelling and enjoyable.  Check out these links after viewing to get more on the wide variety of topics discussed:

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Also discussed, child molestation and the homeless.  And tune in to find out who won the very first round of WRONG ANSWER!
Next week I See The Frog will launch the first episode of the USC OUTSIDER seventh season starring Ric and Pitts. And stay tuned for Episode 2 of The FrogCast happening… well… we don’t know, but SOON FROGGIES!  SOON!!!