Okay, to keep things connected we have followed Mike Edmonds (dancing jester from the Safety Dance video) across space and time and landed on a Beatle.  What?  How?  Okay, let us explain.


As we mentioned in the last #MVM, Mike also appeared in Terry Gilliam’s 1981 tripped out children’s nightmare movie TIME BANDITS.  And while sifting through the internet we came across this AMAZING TRAILER that is pure python.


You don’t see trailers taking risks like this anymore.  It actually calls out Superman, Star Wars and Close Encounters right in the trailer.  (Do you think Kenny Baker (R2D2) was offended?)


In researching Time Bandits, we found this SWEET ARTICLE detailing the history of how such a movie like Time Bandits came to be.  Ya See, Monty Python and The Beatles have a long history of supporting each other.  George Harrison worked with The Rutles, even making a cameo in the mockumentary television film ALL YOU NEED IS CASH.  This was Spinal Tap before Spinal Tap.  (And if you don’t know Spinal Tap, you should be ashamed of yourself.)  So as part of #MVM we give you The Rutles’ “OUCH”.



But that’s not all!  Turns out that Time Bandits was so incredibly odd that George Harrison ended up mortgaging his office so that Terry Gilliam could chase his dream of making a movie about time traveling little people who steal.  Makes sense, right?  George even wrote a song for the film.  Since we can’t find an official music video, we’ll have to settle for the closing credit sequence of the film.



And when you are done spinning through the tunes, check out THIS ARTICLE which contains an excerpt from the book VERY NAUGHTY BOYS: The Amazing True Story of HandMade Films which gives you an inside look on how this trippy nightmare of a kids movie ever came to be.





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