Friend of the Frog Barry McLaughlin and his fun-loving business partner Jason Lautenschleger want to help YOU become THE GREATEST PARTY HOST WHO HAS EVER HOSTED PARTIES. That’s why they’re putting their own spectacularly unique and inventive Game Nights straight into the palm of your hand, with their new product, GAME NIGHT IN A CAN!

This is a crowdsourcing campaign we can really get behind. The prototype looks fantastic – the spinner is right there in the lid! It’s got kooky and beautiful artwork; a convenient, compact design; and, of course, dozens of original games that can be mixed and matched to create MILLIONS of different game nights. Not to mention, the promo videos are both hilarious and informative, two of our main reasons for loving Barry like we do. Here’s one to get you started, but there are many more for backers of this wonderful, game-changing change-gamer of changing games!

There’s a whole podcast of this crap! And a whole Game Night In A Can website! But don’t go to that website, go directly to the Kickstarter page and enter your credit card info so this miraculous invention will be more than just a sad footnote in our fevered dreams of party popularity.

And if all that wasn’t enough… not only are they making every one of us the most entertaining people on our respective blocks, they’re saving the planet while they do it! Each can sold equals a tree planted by Trees For The Future! So, it’s like buying a present for yourself and all your friends and the environment at the same time. Who wins that game? EVERYONE.

GAME NIGHT IN A CAN, we believe in you! Dear readers, help make this dream a reality! Pledge some dough and get your very own Game Night In A Can so the whole world can play along! You have the power! Do it now! Spend!! SPEND!!!