“Impressive!” – Huffington Post

“Hilarious!” – Queerty

“You really gayed it up for this thing.” – Jimmy’s Dad

Dear Friend of the Frog and brilliant comedian Jimmy Fowlie gained well-deserved recognition last year for his web-series Go-Go Boy Interrupted. Based on his past working as a go-go boy in the club scene in West Hollywood, Jimmy created Go-Go Boy Interrupted, a seven episode web series that follows Danny Carter as he ages out of his lucrative exotic dancing career. “Having spent the past decade dancing at LA’s hottest club, Danny must embark on a quest to find his ‘purpose’ discovering he has no skills after spending 12 years blacked out, doing body rolls on a box.”

Jimmy developed the show while performing with The Groundlings’ Sunday Company and later mounted a live show at The Groundlings Theatre featuring a combination of Jimmy’s original sketch comedy and clips from the web series. Performance after performance sold out and the show went into several extensions from May 2014- January 2015.

Go-Go Boy Interrupted

Jimmy wrote and stars in season one of Go-Go Boy Interrupted, which is directed by Jordan Black (who also directed the live show) and co-stars a slew of incredible comedians such as Drew Droege, Mitch Silpa and Lynne Marie Stewart and each episode now boasts hundreds of thousands of views. It was written up by HuffingtonPost, LAWeekly, and featured on Advocate’s Top 10 Hot Sheet and Out Magazine’s “Best of Gay & Lesbian Web Series to Premiere in 2014.”

Naturally Jimmy and Jordan have been shopping GGBI around to networks, but in the meantime they’re working on self-producing season two with a Kickstarter campaign that has currently raised about 20% of its $65K goal. Click here to support! The success of season one attracted even more celebs to the cast, including Glee’s Heather Morris! Jimmy and the Go-Go Boy Interrupted gang will only receive funding if they make their full goal so every little bit counts. But what better way to spend your money than helping a bunch of very attractive, impeccably toned young men dance around in their underwear follow their dreams and create brilliant entertainment? (Plus they have fantastic incentives such as being an extra on the show, going on a date with a cast member, or having a team of Go-Gos flown to your house to be your booty-shorts-clad helpers for the day. Worth it.)

Go-Go Boy Interrupted

If you haven’t seen this series yet, get ready to binge. Here’s episode one of season one, featuring Jimmy Fowlie as Danny Carter, Drew Droege as Ann Ziety, Brian Jordan Alvarez as Elliot, Navaris Darson as James, Jacob Matthews as Chris, Dakota Greene as Ricky, and Pablo Hernandez as Pablo:

You can catch Jimmy on the latest season of HBO’s The Comeback and CBS’s Two Broke Girls. He also currently teaches improv at The Groundlings School. For more of his hilarious characters, subscribe to Jimmy’s YouTube channel! And check out Go-Go Boy Interrupted’s website for more info on season two.

Follow your dreams, Froggies!