I dare you to find a Friend of the Frog that is more deeply entrenched in our pond scum than the incredible Ric Barbera. That was a compliment. Today is his birthday. And he may have actually solved humanity’s problems just by being born! At least according to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

 “The Answer to the Great Question…Of Life, the Universe and Everything…Is…Forty-two.” Douglas Adams (as read on Ric’s Facebook page)

You can see Ric this Friday in San Francisco where he will perform at Doc’s Lab in Drama 3/4’sI Made You A Mix Tape.” Part of the January 23rd line-up at the 14th Annual SF Sketchfest! The all-star comedy/music lineup that includes Ric also features Pam Cook, Rachael Lawrence, Brice Beckham, David Fickas, Kirk Zipfel and more!

If that wasn’t enough, Ric’s character Mr. Mysterio is returning to Crash Pad this Friday with special guest Tiffany Smith! You can find it exclusively on Maker.TV.

So… in honor of Ric Barbera Day, we thought we would share one of his many masterpieces.  Ladies, Gentleman and Frogs, from the aquatic depths of Ric’s mind comes… Drama 3/4’s Cursing Fish!  Warning… this is not safe for work because… SPOILER ALERT: The fish curse… a lot.  They ARE called Cursing Fish, after all.




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