Frog Founders Brice Beckham and David Fickas are about to face off against dinosaurs in China. What the what? Let us explain.

Let’s jump back to 2014 when the writing duo was hired to write a movie for Justin Lin‘s company, Perfect Storm. What started out as a low-budget romantic comedy about an uptight businessman afraid of losing his love to a whimsical Hollywood dream eventually became a bigger picture. It transformed into a very fast and very furious comedy adventure starring three of the biggest box office stars of China. Now fast forward to this Friday, when Hollywood Adventures comes to a theater near you! …If you’re in China, that is.

Hollywood Adventures

American audiences might not be familiar with stars Vicki Zhao, Xiaoming Huang and Dawei Tong, but they’re quite a Chinese power trio overseas. So powerful, in fact, that Zhao and Huang had their names forever plastered alongside Justin Lin’s John Hancock at the TCL Chinese Theater a few weeks back, commemorating the 88th anniversary of that historic theater, which also makes a cameo in Hollywood Adventures.

88th Birthday Of TLC Chinese Theater IMAX, Honoring Justin Lin, Zhao Wei And Huang Xiaoming with Iconic Imprint Ceremony

Lin is on a quite a tear right now, directing the first 2 episodes of True Detective and the upcoming Star Trek 3. But that didn’t slow him down from diving head first into the international market, where Hollywood Adventures is poised to kick some Chinese box office ass this weekend, possibly even overtaking Jurassic World (that’s what the dinosaur reference was about from earlier)! Director Timothy Kendall brings an incredibly fun visual flair and perfectly translates Hollywood’s production value to the Chinese market. The movie is going to be quite a ride! Get a sneak peek in these thrilling international trailers:

Familiar Faces

The American supporting cast looks great too. There are cameos from 1 Broke Girl, Kat Dennings; the original T-1000, Robert Patrick; and “…Ned Ryerson?!?” himself, Groundhog Day and Sneakers alum Stephen Tobolowsky, taking on the Roger-Corman-inspired character of Wronald Wright. (Yeah, you wread that wright.) And Friends of the Frog Missi Pyle and Parvesh Cheena have scenes too! You know Parvesh from many, many things, but we here at the Frog like to remind him of his greatest acting achievement, playing Johnny Quest (not to be confused with Jonny Quest) in D34’s short, Keller and Sullivan in “Shanghai Surprise!”

As you can see in the trailers, the film thrives on familiar film tropes. Be sure to take note of some fun Terminator 2 references, which are especially tickling given Fickas’ history of parodying T2 IN ITS ENTIRETY back in high school. What’s that? You haven’t seen that nearly-feature-length comedy gem? Put in your vote on Twitter with hashtag #T2theGoodVersion if you want I See The Frog to dig it up for a future post.

The Pink Party

Last but certainly not least, a big, fat, personal easter egg for all of the folks who are familiar with the annual Color Party, which started in the late ’90s in Fickas’ backyard. (For those of you who AREN’T familiar with the annual gala, what’s wrong with you? You should come; everyone is invited.)

The Color Party is a raucous, rowdy occasion where all September birthdays are celebrated via the selection of a particular color and all attendees coming dressed in said color. Not a particularly tough concept, but an amusing one.

Well, get ready, because the Color Party is about to be introduced to ALL OF CHINA. A major set piece in the third act of Hollywood Adventures is movie mogul Gary Buesheimer’s annual PINK PARTY. And although the production design looks fantastic, we here at The Frog are sure that the film version was lacking the epic dance moves of Cathy Fickas, Scott Pitts, Mark Kelly and Liam Sullivan. Here are a few photos to help you compare…

So check out the trailers, get psyched for the movie, and then… actually, we don’t know! Tell all your friends abroad in China to go on a Hollywood Adventure this weekend? Buy a ticket online, even if you can’t attend? Or just keep an eye on the foreign box office and wish Brice & David luck with their little, indie, big-budget summer blockbuster!

We’ll see you in Beijing, Froggies!