Q: WTF is this?

A: The short version? This is a place where we share stuff that makes us smile. Some of it is stuff we made. Some of it is just stuff we found. Some of it you might have seen on other sites, some of it you haven’t. Kick off your shoes, look around, stay a while.

Q: Who’s “we?”

A: Well, it’s primarily us, Brice and David. We write and produce most of the aforementioned stuff. But it’s other people too; that’s kind of the point. It’s a community scrapbook for us and all our friends and all the things we’re into.

Q: If it’s a community, can I submit my own stuff to be posted on the site?

A: Everything we post here is essentially getting the Fickas & Beckham stamp of approval, so we reserve the right to veto anything that’s not our style. But submissions are always welcome. Email thefrog@iseethefrog.com

Q: So… this is basically like your Tumblr? Or Pinterest?

A: Okay, sure. The first one.

Q: And WTF is it again? I mean, what’s this business about a frog?

A: You want the long version. All right, here’s David to explain…

“A long time ago, when Bill Clinton was president, a good friend of mine was crying. Not because Bill Clinton was president. She was upset because of sumb dumb thing that sumb dumb dummy did to her. And being a ‘glass half full’ type of guy, I was trying to cheer her up. I said ‘everything will be all right…’ (Little did I know that one day there would be a Weezer album with that very name which would reference the very year she was currently crying all over. And then our friend Liam would be in one of their videos and I know, it’s off topic, shut up, everything’s connected.) I pointed out that we were sitting on the beach on a beautiful summer night. The moon was glowing, the waves were crashing, and Bill Clinton was president. None of that made any difference to her; as far as she was concerned, her world was over. She went back to sobbing pathetically.

Then I asked her to look out over the ocean and tell me what she saw. ‘I dunno… An oil tanker. Darkness. What’s your point, David?’ I asked if she could see the frog. Suddenly, she was more worried about me. But I pointed out how ‘the two lights on the tanker kind of look like eyes, and look at the way the moon hits the water, and the horizon makes that wide froggy grin, can you see it?’ She cocked her head and stared into the distance like she was trying to decipher one of those grotesque Magic Eye posters from that era… and then she smiled. ‘I see it. I see the frog.’ We spent the rest of the night spotting frogs in the stars and the murky, backlit nighttime clouds, and discussing how we could see whatever we wanted if we wanted to.

That moment stuck with me. Being that it was the ’90s, I of course was in a band and I of course had to write a song about it. ‘I See The Frog’ became one of Komic Strip’s most popular songs. (Yes, Scott Pitts, Toby Semain and I were in a band called Komic Strip, with a ‘K.’ Don’t laugh. Or do. Brice always does when he looks at these band photos.) I remember one particular gig at the Whisky a Go-Go in 1995 when a certain Nerdist gave our introduction. And my friend — who had long since forgotten what she was crying about — was in the front row, singing along to her favorite Komic Strip tune.

Not too long ago, that same friend caught a ride with me and Brice on our way to San Francisco for SF Sketchfest. For weeks Brice and I had been arguing about what to call this catch-all site we were going to launch (Spoiler Alert, you’re on it!), and my friend jokingly tossed out ‘I See The Frog.’ Then I started reminiscing with her about that night 20 years earlier, and Brice was all, ‘…wait, what?’ We told him about the song title and the whole deal, and as Brice does sometimes, he fixated on it. A few days later, he was sending me frog pics like this one and this one. We started wearing the name around, trying it on for size, and eventually it just seemed to be the only thing that fit.

‘I See The Frog’ is about finding something new. It could mean changing your perspective. It could mean taking a second look at something you overlooked before. Or it could mean actively searching for those lights over the ocean.

Since that night on the beach, I’ve been seeing the frog wherever I can. Now you’ll see the frog too. You’re welcome.”