To celebrate the long anticipated end of summer and begining of all things spooky / witchy / that go bump in the night, we caught up with our favorite Horrorspondant, Kat Canipe, to discuss upcoming films February and The Girl in the Photographs. Friend of the Frog, (and son of Anthony Perkins, who portrayed the legendary Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho) Oz Perkins made his directorial debut at the Toronto International Film Festival with his feature February, which was quickly bought by A24 and DirectTV. Another Friend of the Frog, Nick Simon, wrote and directed The Girl in the Photographs, (Oz Perkins co-wrote the screenplay as well) which also debuted at TIFF. While these films are not yet available to the general public, we at the Frog are certainly looking forward to both!

Here’s what Kat had to say:


I can’t express how excited I am about this movie. I love the setting – snowy horror films like Misery and The Shining create a very specific layer of isolation and disquiet that is so effective to me. Great for breaking out to rewatch in January or – ahem, February. It thrills me to see a film like this – with what looks like really meaty roles for women – being so carefully crafted. It shows so much respect for women’s role in the genre and the medium. I hate that that is still an issue we’re addressing, but here we are.

It’s so hard to tell from the trailer what this film is really going to be about, what direction it’s going to take. I’m very interested in something I read about the film carrying a “brutal emotional punch.” That means this is more than a horror film or a thriller. It’s a story that happens to fit this genre. I’m a huge fan of the 2014 Canadian film The Babadook for the same reason – it absolutely terrified me at certain points, but it also made me cry.


I am a firm believer in looking for the good in everything (it’s why I’m a fan of The Frog), and that’s why I’ll probably give this film a chance. It sounds from the reviews that it’s not the most cohesive horror film, but if there are elements I can hang onto and really appreciate, I’m always up for giving something a go. I really enjoyed It Follows, and that was by no means a perfect horror film – it nailed atmosphere, tone, and a creeping feeling of dread for me, and that was great! There are so many frustratingly bad horror movies out there because everyone thinks they’re easy to make, so as a seasoned horror fan, you learn to appreciate elements of films even if the whole thing wasn’t a game changer.

One name that always perks my ear is Dean Cundey, the cinematographer of this movie. He was the DP for my favorite film of all time (John Carpenter’s Halloween), as well as a lot of people’s favorite films – the Back to the Future trilogy, Jurassic Park, and Big Trouble in Little China, to name just a few. If you want to hear more from the eternally charming Dean Cundey about his career, take a listen to the podcast Killer POV, Episode 25: “Let’s Shoot This F***er!”

Wes Craven Executive Produced this film, and I have always been happy to support Wes, even when the effort turned out a little messy (hello, Cursed). The community’s (and indeed the world’s) recent loss of Craven was devastating, and it’s nice to have something new of his to look forward to.


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